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Monocarton Boxes

Mono cartons are used for compact packaging of products such as medicines, cosmetic products, food, and other non-food products. High printability, coupled with the compact format, is expected to boost the global mono cartons market.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cardboard, sometimes just called corrugated, is a sturdy packaging material made of three layers of kraft paper. It’s named for the interior layer of wavy paper, also called the corrugated medium or flute. Highly durable for shipping your packages at ease

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are sturdy paper-based boxes consisting of high-thickness (often 2-3mm) chipboard, wrapped by decorative specialty paper. They are also commonly referred to as set-up boxes, gift boxes and premium packaging

Paper Bag with Handle

Paper bags are commonly used as shopping carrier bags and for packaging of some consumer goods. They carry a wide range of products from groceries, glass bottles, clothing, books, toiletries, electronics and various other goods and can also function as means of transport in day-to-day activities.